It was the year of 1940 and it was Frank and my anniversary. We had been dating five long wonderful years and I loved him more than life its self. I knew I was going to marry that man someday.

          It all started when I had just graduated high school. I had got a job at a diner as a waitress. The diner was right next to the college campus. One day when we were extremely busy, I dropped a whole tray of dishes while carrying them to the customers that had been waiting about an hour for their food. The manager came in and started screaming at me, calling me all kinds of horrible names, telling me I was clumsy and not worth anything. He said I would never amount to anything but scum. While Mr. Holleran, the manager was yelling, Frank came up and told him he better stop. The manager wouldn't so Frank hit him. Yep, that was the day I fell head over heels for Frank McGoran. He was in the navy and stationed in Texas.

          Tonight we were going to a wonderful seafood restaurant on the pier. It was Frank and my special place. It was always so beautiful when we went. I loved the atmosphere.

          Suddenly there was a quick knock at the door. I ran to open it. It was Frank.

          "Hey baby! Are you ready to go?" He asked.

          "Ready as ever!" I replied as I grabbed my red coat and matching hat.

          We arrived at the restaurant. It was beautiful, so full of color. They had lots of strings of wonderful lights hanging all around the pier. You could hear the splashing and rushing of the water as it hit the hard sandy shore and swept back out once again. The cool sea air was blowing through my hair and I could taste the salt of the ocean in my mouth. I felt as if I could jump in the fresh salt water and swim forever. I loved the ocean. It was so calm and vast. When I was there, I always felt at home.

          We got a table at the end of the pier where we could see the never-ending stretch of water.

          "Hi, my name is Bob and I'll be your server today. Can I take your order?" Our waiter asked. Usually Jake was our waiter. I had no idea where he was.

          "Uh… we'll take the shrimp and a side of biscuits." Frank replied while he handed the menu back to him.

          "Alrighty." He said then walked off into the kitchen.

          "So how's your brother?" He asked.

          "Oh…Jeff's fine. He has a girlfriend you know." I replied.

          "Really? Wow." The rest of the time was spent talking about family and the fun things we would do after New Years. Our food came out and it was so delicious, as usual. After the meal we went down to the water. I took off my sandals and walked barefoot in the cool sand. I wore my absolute favorite dress. It was bright yellow with little pink flowers in a pattern covering it. It was a gorgeous sundress. I wore it even though it was a little chilly out tonight. The wind blew the beautiful fabric and snuggly wrapped it around my legs.

          "Megan…I love you so much and want you in my life forever. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want us to have kids together, grow old together, and spend the rest of our lives happy…together."  He got down on one knee next to me.

          "Frank…what are you doing?" I asked with a smile on my face.

          "Megan, will you marry me?" He started to smile. I had been waiting for this moment. I had been in love with Frank forever. I thought he would never ask.

          "Yes!" I shrieked with tears streaming down my face. "Yes! Yes! I love you Frank! I love you!" I stood up and he kissed me. We sat on the lovely beach for hours. We talked about wedding plans and whom we would invite. I was so happy. My life was finally coming together. It was getting late and most of the people were leaving and getting reading to go home. We walked up the sandy steps and out to the middle of the old rickety dock. They were playing one of my favorite love songs.

          "Megan, can I have this dance?" He asked smiling brightly.

          "Why, I'd love to." I answered as I wrapped my arm around his neck.

          "I wish we could dance all night!" I said whirling around like a little schoolgirl.

          "We can…" He replied. "And we will."

          We danced and twirled all over the salty and sandy pier. It was heaven. We floated around without a care in the world, but soon reality would meet up with us much earlier than we expected.