July 15, 2001 "Happy birthday to you, happy bitrthday to you, happy birthday to Sarah....happy birthday to y-o-u". The guests all cheered and claped. "Let me tell you who I am, my name is sarah McGain and I'm 15". "I'm watching a video of my third birthday, the day I saw the Murderer, the day the horror started. Let me take you back that far back to November 30, 1988."

November 30, 1988-"Baby come open this present."
"YAY! Mommy...wook...peasents, pesents". "All for me?"
"Yes Sarah all of them, look at this one, its huge." "Open it! Open it! I wuv my pwenstes." "Aww, look baby its a play doh set." Look Sarah your sister is waving to you." "Mawy! Mawy! " Mary who was 13 picked up her baby sister and tickled her." "Sarah, Your looking like you hafta go, come on sweetie." "NO! NO!"Sarah cried. "Well be right back" said Mary. Mary took her to the bathroom and went into the adjong room to get something. Thier mom wondering my they had been gone so long went into their bathroom. She screamed and started sobbing. Her baby Was on the ground unconciuns and her older girl was cut in half in the bathtub and the window was open.

five years passed- "mommy can I sighn on?" "Yes sweetie but be careful". More then five years passed since the incident and her mom was still shaky. "As Sarah typed to her friend JulyBug2001 a message popped up. She clicked aproved and she let out a strangled a cry, the message read IT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU! She signed off and went to her room to think. over the year she had recivesd many messages simaler. She was really frightened becuase someone might hurt her. Suddenly she felt cold, too cold, frezzing hands wrapped around her neck and choked her...