Chapter 2: Keanan's Enlightenment

As he walked back to the palace from Christine's Griffin Street theatre, he racked his brain on why that girl's face looked so familiar. It started to get to him as he met and talked with his fellow squire, Goyle. He didn't talk about Christine he just thought about her. He was silent in thinking as he entered Goyle's rooms.

Soon there was a knock on Goyle's door and in walked their friend, Christian. One look at Christian and Keanan jumped to his feet. "Thats it!' he cried. Christian's face! Christine had Christian's face! What an idiot he had been for not knowing it before! They had the exact same face, of course Christine was much more feminine and pretty, but it was the same face!

"What?" Christian asked at his friend's outburst.

"Your face! A girl-"

Christian and Goyle groaned, "Of course, a girl! He's been awfully quite, I should have known; a girl!" Goyle said.

"Does he ever think of anything else?" asked Christian.

"No, really, I'm serious," Keanan said, "I met a girl in the marketplace that looked exactly like Christian. I swear, you could be twins."

Christian looked at him strangely, "What was her name, then?"

"Christine Norwell, she works at theatre,"

Christian shook his head, "This isn't funny, Keanan."

"Who's joking?" Keanan asked, "What-"

"Christine, you're sure her name was Christine?" Christian abruptly sat on Goyle's bed.

"Yes, whats wrong?" asked Keanan, Goyle voiced his concern also.

"She looked exactly like me, you say?" he said it more to himself, "How old was she?"

"Fifteen, she told the knife peddler she was fifteen," Keanan said, "I wish you would tell us what was wrong."

Christian ignored him, " It couldn't be, by the gods, it couldn't be."

"Christian! What is it?" Keanan asked frustrated by his friend's elusiveness.

Christian looked up at him he looked confused and shocked, "I- ...I, I had a twin sister and her name was Christine, you're absolutely sure her name was Christine?"

Keanan sighed, "Yes, I'm absolutely sure,"

"A long time ago, seven or eight years, " continued Christian, "We were visiting the palace. Our carriage turned over, and she must have wandered from the site in the confusion. We looked for her, but could never find her so we assumed she was kidnapped or dead."

The boys were silent for a moment. Keanan shook his head in wonder. " Gods. She said she was found when she was eight and couldn't remember anything before that. This is really odd."

"Where does she live?" Goyle asked.

"Griffin Street," Keanan told him, "At the Griffin Street Theatre,"

"I have to see her, " Christian said, " I'll only believe you if i see her with my own eyes."

"It's true," Keanan said, "You can trust me it's true, I won't joke about this - it would take to much work on my part."

"What are you going to do when you meet her?" Goyle asked.

Christian shook his head, " I don't know, I just don't know."

Really short, i'm really sorry -high school sucks- way too much work