The little teenyboppers and jocks who dress the same, talk the same, have the same backpacks and hair accessories, like the same things and listen to the same music...... they really, truly amuse me.

This took approximately five minutes to write. Forgive me if it sucks.

Laughing, whispering, taunting
I hear all of you laughing, see you pointing
It takes willpower to walk away
I guess I don't have willpower
You call me freak, and crackhead, and crazy
You don't care who you hurt
All that matters is your entertainment
Little do you know, I'm just as amused
You laugh at me, and I smile
You point at me, and I giggle
You all grow confused, and leave me alone
It doesn't matter if I look crazy
And while all of you may laugh at me because I'm different
I'm laughing at you because you're all the same