Flung in Space

The light is so far away.
I don't think I can ever reach it.
I am so alone in space,
Not even a planet in sight.
All I see around me,
Are small speckles of light.
Nobody knows that I'm here,
Nobody cares.
All alone,
Just the little stars,
That are millions of miles away.
That's how far I am from home,
Not like I'm wanted there anyway.
I am all alone,
With no family,
No hope,
No life to live for.
I look at the stars,
And wonder if I'll ever reach them.
I will just wander the stars my entire life,
Like a lonely druidess,
Or at least until I run out of fuel.
I will be tough.
Nobody would care,
They probably think that I'm dead.
They probably hope that I'm dead.
I'm just useless vermin back on earth.
Those who could protect me,
Are gone.
They were killed off,
By those evil human beings,
Who can't love, and only hate.
I don't want to go back to Earth.
It is a ruined planet,
No more love.
Except I still love.
And that's why I don't belong.
That's why they killed off all of those I love.
They tried to destroy all my hope.
They didn't succeed, so they sent me out here.
I'm so alone.
I wonder if I'll ever find someone out here.
Until then,
I will be all alone.


I wander alone through space,
All alone,
With no one to care.
I don't care.
I try to make friends,
But nobody ever wants
To come with me when I leave.
They have something at their home,
They have a life.
Something I can no longer have.
It was destroyed back on earth,
When the beings destroyed all my loved ones,
Because I still could care.
Then they flung me out into space to die.
But I survived.
I was strong.
I'm not so strong now,
I have been wandering for many years,
Looking for someone to care.
A lonely druidess,
Wandering, looking for love.
I am becoming weak,
I have lost so much hope.
When I first started,
Nothing could stop me.
I was full of anger, hope, and love.
But now all I have,
Is a little love,
And a little hope.
I am so alone.
Being in space,
With no one else around me,
Is the most forsaken experience I have ever had.
I am still so alone,
And I probably will always stay alone.
But I have those in my heart,
To comfort me.
I know they would want me to keep going,
So I will.
I will try to never give up.
I will see them again.

Looking Back at Earth

Life in space,
Can be so harsh.
I have traveled for ages,
Looking for someone who cares.
My heart has been broken, so many times.
Should I just give up?
Throw myself into space again?
It was nice here,
Until he came along.
I fell in love,
And he almost killed me by breaking my heart.
I'm not so tough anymore.
I think I would crumble,
If it ever happened again.
But those evil beings,
Those horrible people.
They did just what they were told,
Like robots.
They never could care,
They only could hate.
And their eyes!!
Empty portals of nothingness and hate.
The icy blue,
All of them had blue eyes.
It was that concoction they all took,
It killed their feelings.
They destroyed our earth.
Looking back,
There wasn't much to destroy.
Darkness is creeping around me.
They ruined my life,
Now I'm going to make them pay.
I have nothing left to lose.
Those I love were blown into nothingness,
By those evil creatures.
I will never see them again.
No, I won't do that.
I give up, I can't do anything.
I will just hide in this sweet darkness that has overtaken me,
And destroy the lives of those who have hurt me.
Yes, that sounds like fun.
I will let them feel how I felt.
I will break them like they broke me.
They are going to pay.

Black Hole

A vast entity looms before me.
It will be my death.
Or will it?
They say a black hole,
Is infinity of mass,
But who knows?
They say it breaks all laws of physics.
I wonder what it would be like,
To go in a black hole.
I soon will find out.
All the light that once surrounded me,
Is being sucked up into that black hole.
It is a beautiful thing to me.
A fellow creature of darkness.
How can I say this?
I was once good,
But now I'm tuning into a person who only hates,
A human full of darkness.
What has come over me?
The druidess has turned into a vampire.
I'm like those people back on earth.
I'm joining the forces of those who destroyed my life.
I wish I could change my ways,
But it is too late.
I am approaching death faster and faster.
But I see a light.
It can't be real,
I'm right in front of a black hole.
Am I forgiven?
I will soon discover.
I enter the black hole.
No pain,
No thought.
All of a sudden,
I am in a beautiful field, with all those I love around me.
I must not be alive.
But this is so much better.
I have been forgiven.
The black hole may have killed me,
But it brought me to a cheerful place,
A place where the darkness can never again reach me.
I close my eyes,
And feel the tears of joy spill down my face.