Looking For Doctor Feelgood
A heavy metal groupie parties with her favorite
band--unaware of it's dark past.
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Content Rated: R

Genre(s): Music, Erotica, Horror/Scary

Within the city of Los Angeles,the night time music
club scene was going at full swing--and normally,some
of the people you would find within any one of these
scenes would be the ones who have been drugged out of
their minds--which,in a way,was no wonder it would be
hard to find those who are not meant to be within
those scenes in the first place.
Case in point:a young high school student named Karen
Dent,who--along with her best friend,Becky
Winters--had sneaked out of her house
in order to be part of an audience at a concert being
given by a new heavy metal group,the Omega Men.
Two--maybe three songs later,Becky had tapped on
Karen's shoulder and said,"Come on,Karen!Let's go
"Are you kidding,Becky?",asked a confused Karen."You
could go home--if you want!I'm staying a little while
"Okay,then!",said Becky,after she had placed her hands
in front of Karen."See you in school tomorrow!"
Sometime later,Karen was approached by the band's road
manager,Mike Shakira,who had tapped her on the
shoulder and asked,"Hey,babe!You want to go backstage
and party with the band?"
Now,a normal girl would say,"No.Thank you.",and
then,go right straight home.
But,instead of doing that,Karen had smiled and
answered,"Yes!I want to!I really want to!"
And with that,Mike had led Karen to the backstage
area--and poor Karen really had no idea what she had
gotten herself into.
As soon as they've entered the backstage area,the
band's party was going at full force when Mike had
poured some liquid into a paper cup,handed it over to
Karen and said,"Here you go.Have some party punch."
Then--at first,the punch had smelled kind of nasty
when Karen had sniffed it.
But then,she had realized that she had not wanted to
embarress herself in front of the coolest heavy metal
band on Earth--and instead of splashing it into a
nearby sink,poor Karen had gulped the whole cup full
right down.
Three--maybe four more cups later,Karen's mind has
been a complete haze,while her nude body has been
licked,carressed and fucked by three of the band
members and four of the other girl groupies.
The very next morning,Karen had woken up and found
herself entangled in a mass of naked men and women.
"Holy fuck.",a shocked Karen had said to
herself,before she had worked herself free from the
Once she was free,a very hungover Karen had wrapped a
blanket around her nude body,picked up her clothes and
was walking towards the backstage exit door.
But before she had given herself the chance to open
the door,another girl had pushed Karen aside and

However,right after she had opened the door,a
pure,bright light had engulfed the poor girl,who had
suddenly screamed bloody murder.
And of course,the same fate would have befallen a
shocked Karen--if it were not for the band's lead
singer,who had closed the door,looked at Karen and
said,"I'm sorry,Karen.But when you were brought
backstage to us,you've had crossed over into another
dimension--one of forever night.And as you've just
seen,I'm sorry to say that you're no longer part of
the world of light.You now have no choice,but to stay
with the rest of us--forever."
Right there and then,it was poor Karen's turn to
scream bloody murder.