Chapter Two

Chapter Two

(A year later)

Caroline walked out of the house and climbed into the car. She and her family were going to visit Katherine. As they drove down the street on the hot, sunny day, Caroline could see children laughing and smiling unaware of what was happening or what had happened.

They parked a few metres away from their destination. Caroline was first to go through the gate and down the path. Her family was close behind her. When she arrived, she saw Katherines family members already there.

As Caroline got closer and closer to the front memories came back to her. Katherine, her best friend was a very pretty girl. She as some people would say was a golden girl. She looked exactly like Caroline. With her blue eyes, blond hair and a broad smile, she and Caroline were like twins.

Caroline used to have a twin but she was taken away from her when she was 5. At that time Caroline had been very ill and attempted many times to kill her twin. After a long discussion, Carolines parents agreed they would keep Carolines twin and put Caroline up for adoption. Although Caroline couldnt remember any of this, she knew a little bit about it from her foster parents stories. So Caroline always thought of Katherine as her long lost twin. Although she knew it couldve been true.

The day the tragedy happened, Caroline had found out her cousin Matt had died from lung cancer. That day Katherine had tried everything she could to cheer Caroline up. Nothing had worked.

"It was all my fault" Caroline would say. "If I had been more happy she wouldnt have done it. She would still be here."

It has been a year since the tragic death of Katherine. It had shocked everyone. Steve, her stepfather, found her in her room. She was holding a knife and she had a deep cut on the right side of her neck. The police suspected someone had killed her but no evidence was found. So they assumed it as suicide.

Katherines mother had suggested a small ceremony at Katherines grave exactly one year after her death. After the ceremony, everyone would have dinner at Katherines house. At 9pm they would go to Katherines bedroom and have 3 minutes of silence to remember the golden girl. It was 9pm Katherine was found ¡­ not alive.

Caroline walked up and kneeled down. She laid her flowers against the cool marble gravestone and closed her eyes.

"Why did you do it?" Caroline murmured "You were fine when I saw you in the morning. I had a good think last night. I know you didnt kill yourself. Someone else did. Katherine I miss you."

Carolines thoughts were interrupted when someone placed a hand on her shoulder. Caroline turned around and saw Betty.

"I know you are angry about Katherines death but theres nothing you can do about it. She killed herself under her own will."

"She didnt kill herself!" Caroline yelled

"She did!" Betty said firmly. "She killed herself, no one would want to kill her. No one!"

All of a sudden the sadness in Bettys eyes turned into anger. Caroline nodded. She didnt want to start an argument with Betty. As she walked away she burst into tears.

* * * *

Caroline walked down stairs into the large dinning room. After crying for half of the day she was very hungry. At the doorway she could hear people laughing.

"How could they laugh? Katherine is dead and they can still laugh?" Caroline thought in disgust.

She walked in and sat down.

"Nice of you to join us" Said Betty glaring.

Caroline decided to ignore her. Feeling very uncomfortable, she looked around the room. After a few minutes she couldnt stand not talking anymore.

Caroline turned to Katherines mother and said "Mrs McCay, I love youre dinner"

"Why thank you dear" she replied with a warm smile reminding Caroline of Someone she met a few years before.

Caroline smiled back and carefully said "Umm ¡­ Mrs McCay can I ... umm ¡­ ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead dear"

"Umm¡­ Do you think Katherine killed herself?"

Water started to well up in Mrs McCays eyes

"Oh Im so sorry Mrs McCay. You dont have to answer me if you dont want to."

"Its okay" Mrs McCay said slowly. "I dont know what really happened to Katherine but I believe what happened shouldnt have happened."

Caroline heart went to Mrs McCay but she really wanted to know what she thought. So she continued.

"I dont think she killed herself!" she blurted out.

Caroline took a deep breath and said calmly "I think someone killed her"

The expression on Mrs McCays face was a mixture between happiness, anger and confusion. The smile on her face had disappeared and the water in her eyes couldnt say in anymore. It came down like tiny streams of water.

Looking around, Caroline noticed everyone had stopped talking and was looking at her and Mrs McCay. There was a long silence but it was broken by Carolines mother.

"Caroline! Go to your room!"

Caroline looked at her mum and then made her way back to her room. On the way up the stairs, she heard her mother apologizing to Mrs McCay.