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Sand. Everywhere there was sand. Tiny yellow and brown particles of rock that blew in the hot wind, clouding the already dirty air. There had been a time when the air had been clear, and the landscape had been fertile, but that time was long forgotten. The world had a name, which no being remembered, but that carried in its utterance the very spirit of what the planet had once been. "Earth": a beautiful title that had dissipated into a mere whisper of the long disembodied wind.

She, a youthful woman with large green eyes and a childish figure, was the nameless inhabitant of a nameless world. She seemed to be made of the sand. It covered Her naked body like a thick fabric, hiding what color it may have held. Her mind, which was as well hidden as Her body, held things that no longer existed anywhere on the nameless planet. Her soul was certainly not born of the sand.

Her mouth opened, and then closed it. She wished to speak, but what was the point with no one to hear Her words? Instead She surveyed Her surroundings. They were still and dead, even more so than where She had come from. Something bright appeared not in front of Her seeking eyes, but within Her. Green leaved trees filled with bright feathered flying creatures and sweet fruits She had never seen manifested themselves in Her mind. She sunk to Her knees, Her head hung low. Slowly She allowed the visions to overtake Her. They were no longer just images. They were more real than real. The air smelled sweet, the fruit tasted delicious, and the flyers emitted ethereal music.

She shook Her head, flinging Her dirty hair about. Reality did not invade, as it should have.

"Stop," She said aloud. "Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!" Paradise faded back into sand. She sighed. "No more." She whispered to some unseen presence. All Her life She had been subjected to the stark difference between the desert, and the paradise that existed only to Her. Woman-who-had-birthed-She and The Man had believed that Her visions were gifts. She had believed that She could find Her paradise. Much time had passed, as She had searched for the other world. Her companions had died.

She got back off the grainy ground, Her mind half forming a curse. The curse was directed toward paradise. It had guided Her here. She had followed it faithfully and it had betrayed Her. Her single-minded obedience toward Her fantasy was the reason that the others were dead. When they became to weak to follow Her, She had abandoned them.

Her stomach twisted with in Her, and Her face contorted in pain. She didn't know whether it was hunger or guilt that assaulted Her gut. She had strength to follow paradise any further. She wept.

Once again Her awareness shifted. The scalding heat and biting sand was replaced with soft warmth, and a gentle breeze that caressed Her skin. Pain weakened Her will to resist, though She still made a feeble attempt. Then something more substantial than air was caressing Her.

Strong arms held Her, cradling Her against a warm body. A voice whispered soothing words to Her, calming Her and taking away Her pain. She kept Her eyes closed. He was the most wonderful element of Her paradise, as well as the most elusive. He only came to Her when She was most distraught. He always vanished the moment She tried to glimpse his face. She revealed in the feel of his lips touching Her forehead, an unfamiliar but tender gesture. She wrapped Her arms around him tightly. He wasn't real. Paradise did not exist. She knew this. It did didn't matter. Somehow She knew that he loved Her, as much as dream matter could. She loved him as well.

Everything with in Her was racing out of control. Why did She always fight paradise? Paradise had everything. It was warm, and comfortable. In paradise She wasn't alone. Realities sole virtue was that it was real. It was painful, but at least the pain really existed.

She began to struggle away from the arms that held Her. The grip remained tight, keeping Her in paradise. There was a rush of motion, as Her body was lifted off the ground. The feeling of rhythmic motion told Her that he was carrying Her somewhere. This was new.

Soft grass brushed against Her bare legs as She was deposited on the ground. She opened Her eyes slowly, unsure of whether looking at the scenery would pull Her away from paradise or not. It didn't, though She wasn't completely sure that the fact pleased Her.

In front of Her was a large pool of glassy water. She stared into it, amazed by the image that looked back at Her. The shape of the angelic creature was not unfamiliar. It was like the people She had known, but its body was much fuller. The eyes shown emerald green set against pale skin. The face was framed by bright auburn hair.

There was a rush of wind as He dropped down next to Her. She looked down, away from his face. He took Her small hands in his, and moved them so that they touched Her face. Her skin felt smooth and cool, not dirty and worn by sand as it usually did. He pointed to the image in the water.

"That's you." He said. She moved Her hand out, trying to feel the bright hair.

"Fire." She said appreciatively. He laughed as Her hand made ripples in the cool liquid.

"No. That's water." She sighed as he took Her hand again. He moved it so She touched Her own hair.

"Fire?" She asked again, seeing the warm color of Her locks.

"Hair." He said. There was silence between them. She felt overwhelmed by what was the first perfect moment of Her painful life. "Will you stay?" He asked finally, "This time will you stay?" Something snapped within Her.

"Not real." She said somberly.

"Yes it is." His tone was soft and persuasive.

"Not real! Not Real! Not real!" She yelled. "Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!" In a sudden, painfully abrupt instant paradise shattered completely. Somehow She knew that She had destroyed it for good. She gasped up the sandy air, and proceeded to walk across the barren desert. It was no Utopia, but at least it truly existed. That was enough to satisfy Her.