* Mixed Signals*
By: Francine

*Ever since the day*
*We kissed. . .*

* It is completely you*
*That I miss. . .*

*Do you like me?*
*Or do you not?*

*Please, don't let me*
*Fall Apart . . .*

*Your a Sweet Talker and
A Flirt*
*but thinking your playing me,
makes liking you Hurt. . .*

*Stop sending me mixed Signals*
* Quit the game . . .If I lose, it's
you i blame. . .*

* You taught me how to kiss*
* You taught me how to Love*
*I want you to know, your all
that I think of*

* I hate the fact . . .*
* That you may not love me back . . .*

*Because of you My heart is in shreds on the floor*
* If you can't tell me if you love me, don't
knock on my door . . .*

* I am one of the hundreds of girls that love you*
* But what makes me different is that my love is true. . .*

* You smile at me and turn away. . .*
* You call me 'sexy' another day. . .*

* So do you love me? Please say it's true.*
*It kills to know I wasted many tears on you.*
* But not a drop was shed on your part. . .*
*Even though, you broke my heart.*

*Tell me you love me. . .take me out of this despair*
* Any way: Phone, mail or face! I couldn't care!*

* I am pretty sure you love me too*
* So lose your pride and tell me you do!*

* STop sending mixed Signals.*
*Quit the Game*
* If I win, it's you I blame.*