By:Andrew Troy Keller

You know,traveling through time
Should indeed be considered a crime.
A movie entitled TIMECOP had told us that--
And after seeing a movie like that,
Some people might agree that it should be a crime.

However,there are others--like in a lab-type place--
Who had not learned to leave time travel alone in the first place.
Case in point:a government scientist who had gone by the name
Of Doctor Rebecca Zane,
Who had dreamt of finding a peaceful Utopia in a future place.

But even though that was her own idea,
There were those within the millitary who had their own ideas--
Ideas to go through time to gather weapons for a war--
As in an all-out war--
And that was not part of Rebecca's idea.

So one day,she had decided to take a trip--
As in a one way trip--
Through time and space
And finally land at that Utopia place
At the end of her one way time-trip.

Shortly after the time machine had vanished from the lab,
The base's top millitary brass had entered the lab
And found that the vechicle for travel through time and space
Had vanished without a trace.
As for Rebecca,she was no longer in the lab.

You know,traveling through time
Should be considered a crime
And if Rebecca had stayed in that lab--
Instead of leaving that lab,
She would not had taken that trip through time.

H.G. Wells was right
About the humans and their future plight.
Being herded into food chain blocks
By the underground monsters known as Morlocks
And with no weapon against them,poor Rebecca had entered a world of fright.