youbehindmyeyes.html Summary: If you were me.

You Behind My Eyes

You feel the blood drip down your fingers
It was never there at all
You feel spiders on your flesh linger
They were never there at all

You want to die
You want to hurt
You want to kill
You want to bleed
But the loneliness
Always takes you to
A place where you can

Rainbow lights flicker behind your eyes
But they're gone when you awake
The room starts to move, the walls start to sigh
But it stops when you awake

You want to sing
You want to shout
You want to love
With all you have
But the pain rots your
Center and you can't
Cope so you have to

You see people from your mind take form
They vanish into thin air
They're quiet, the calm before the storm
But they're noise floats on the air

You want to jump
You want to race
You want to run
You want to fly
So you curl into
A ball and you tell
Yourself that you will

There's blood on your fingers, your soul lifts
Spiders on you start to move
Lights start to flash, and rooms start to shift
"They" watch you, but you can't move

And you open your eyes and it's all gone.