The Secret Valley

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The Secret Valley

"Should I check our luggage?" I suggested. Even though the bags had been checked four times

already my past experience with forgetfulness bade me to be cautious.

My answer from an exasperated Amber, "For the last time Chris, we have everything!"

"Hey! You know my nickname. The Absent Minded Professor."

"Yes, you definitely fit the description. But, ugh! Let's go before you decide to bring the house."

And so began our trip to Zion National Park. My first time there had been as a child with my Mom

and some friends of the family. My memories there had been so exhilarating that I had to let a friend experience

them with me. I could have gone again by myself but most of the enjoyment had come from adventuring with

People I knew.

The eight-hour drive was only bearable because we had the foresight to pack the new holos from Squaresoft.

Since most of the time would have been spent watching the computer pilot the anti-gravity sled, we knew we would

have needed some sort of entertainment to relieve the boredom. Though the real entertainment would not come until

we reached Zion.

-------------------------------------Eight or so hours later…-----------------------------------------

"HEY! Wake up chainsaw, were almost to the Inn."

"Aww, Chris, let me doze until were there."-snore-

"Shall I find the ice-chest? Come on. Wake Up! You absolutely have to see the entrance to the Valley."

"Oh, Okay."

She just had to see the valley from the pass. Compared to the so-called beautiful cities of Southern California,

the natural beauty of the Zion National Park is simply breathtaking. The sight of the immense forests and majestic cliffs

shames the unnatural colors of the Orbital Towers. Though the Towers may dwarf them, the cliffs will never be defeated

in age. We were blessed with a magnificent sunset as the sun dipped out of sight as we crested the valley pass. The

auburn sky was perfectly contrasted by the darkening mountain range. With nary a cloud in the sky, the sun finished

its triumphant display just as he rounded the road to our Inn.

The next morning we were of to Angel's Landing. This trail is about 6 miles long and ends 1400 feet higher

than the beginning. They best way to rid yourself of phobias are to dive right into them. –Pun intended- Angel's Landing

is aptly named for its peak right in the center of the valley. The trail to it runs up the valley wall and then across a tiny

peninsula to the peak. At some sections you have to hug the safety chain on the cliff for the path is barely a foot wide.

It was far easier for me because this was my second time, but I constantly had to encourage Amber with phrases like,

"The sight at the end is worth all this!" or "We are almost there!"

The sharp intake of breath was all the thanks I needed when we reached the top.

"Oh, Chris! This is just unbelievable!"

"And you wanted to take the easy hike!"

"Don't ever listen to me again!"

The next couple of days passed quickly as it took about 5 hours per each trail, and though each hike was

wonderful none surpassed the amazement of Angel's Landing. Some trails passed through dense forest, while others

ran through mini canyons high up on the valley wall. The final trail, while not the most amazing, was the easiest and

the most entertaining.

"Run that by me again Chris."

" Wear the tropical suit I packed for you, because the next trail follows through a river. We will be walking in a

canyon cut by a river and for most of the hike we will be at least waist high in water."

"What about flooding?!"

"We'll be all right. I check the weather-net and it's too cold for the snow to have melted. Plus I know the signs

of an oncoming flood."

"If you say so, but I still think you're crazy

---to be continued if wanted.