A/N: This is sort of me trying to sort through my life and stuff. I am no good at summaries. I would like to give credit to someone for the part in quotations but I honestly don't know who wrote that. So I don't wanna piss anyone off.

To Whom It May Concern

I keep my heart sheltered
In a glass jar on my shelf
I do not allow easy access
To my treasured possession
But is it really my place
To bind it so?
I fear if I let you in
It will catalyst
Leaving me prostrate to
A vicious cycle of complications
That strips me of what little control
I cling to in my life
Like the last grains of sand
Being pulled inevitably
Into the vast ocean

Before me is a myriad of choices
Like a library of text
Set before an illiterate man
With instructions for him
To choose but one book
That represents who he is
Now he can skip to another text
But if the words are merely
A jumble of symbols in a meaningless code
How then will he know
When to put away one piece
And where to pick up the next?

So many questions with no tangible answers
If I am afraid of the known
Then how do I surrender
To the abyss of the unknown?
Anyone can step to the edge
But to shed the blanket of comfort
And step past the point
Where solid ground rests against your you feet
That takes a leap of faith
For you must either
"Expect there to be
Something solid under your feet
Or be given
Wings to fly"

Now I peer out from under
My protecting comfort
Willing the strength to come
So I can stand
Without burden or hindrance
And freely open my heart
Allowing whatever may
And choosing Who I Am to be