A/N: My thoughts on life. Actually I have no clue (I just pretend that I do) shhhhh don't tell anybody! hehe.

Know Thyself 1/21/01

A trace not left behind
Was never there
To those who don't believe
And say it's blasphemy
But those true at heart
Will find
A gift more wonderful
Than all the riches one can own
For owning is deceiving
To let go is to be set free
Of the ties that bind
And pull us down
From our fullest potential
And grandest vision of ourselves

They will always try
But the strength of love
Holds fast
With the promise of eternal life
To any who know that truth
Lies within us all
Not in taboos and wealth:
Concealers of what is real

The beautiful and pure are
Lights in the dark country
To guide us through
Whatever we may encounter
Opening windows
When doors are locked

The darkness is a fog
Smearing the remnants of hope
Though the sun shines brilliant light
Through the window pane
The day is extended past the hours
And into eternal minutes
When all seems bleak
Shunning the light
That offers the only trace

A trace is all we possess
When our only friends don't speak
And those who speak
Don't know the words
And all sounds remind us
Of the past
Which is even hard to recall
How long since pain overtook
The happiness that once was
The only resident of our
Young and innocent souls?

Yet the question remains
As unanswered but ever present
When the day ceases to bring life
And night no longer holds relief
From the agonies of loneliness
Never abating in our heart
Truly, there is no greater sorrow
Than to be lonesome
In a world full of allies
And no comparable heartache
To looking at yourself
Day following day in the mirror
And not knowing who
It is you see