A/N:Hey I actually got this whole rhyming thing down that poems are supposed to be (hah I don't follow the rules!). I guess this is about life, which most of my poems are about, so what's new? I suppose life is sort of a pertinent subject for most people, ya know, cuz we're sora living! hehe okay I'll shut up now. (I'm really okay...)

Rose Petals 2/19/01

Maybe if you listened to me this time
We could come together
In this nonsense rime
Apart we are not bold
But as one we are strong
And will never grow old

The others watch with envy
At our resilience
Never knowing the secret
Of our everlasting brilliance
Though we know in our hearts
The keys to life are in our hands
Not in the buried treasure
Of some distant lands
Those keys are like the gold
To those forever
Left untold
Of the beauty that lies within us all
Even when no one else is there
To catch us when we fall

For we can rely on ourselves
When no one else will do
And the world turned its back
But our wings lifted up and we flew
Because we believed
In the power bestowed upon us
Even before we were conceived
By a higher force than we can imagine
But more loving still
Than even the biggest
Cup can fill

So the rose petals fall
From the wilting bud
Like dew drops
At the morning's call
Amidst the summer breeze
They float along
The water's edge with ease

It's then I wish I were
Like one of them
In their ignorance and fur
Without a doubt that they are right
Though they neglect to care
Who wins the fight
They are not wrong
But misled to believe
That the sparrow's song
Is the only good he can conceive

So the rose petals drift
And float in the water
Where we sift
Through our sorrow just a bit
And watch the daylight fade
Into darkness just barely lit
By the glow of a single lamp
That lights the night
And shows us the way
That we might see each other despite

Despite what they say
We will surely
Make it someday
To that place where we will know
As soon as we arrive
That it is not the journey
That brought us to the hive
But the destination
Was always there
Though in our imagination
We think we're separate
But God is one with all
For life is not that desolate

In the innocence of childhood
We knew more than ever before
Nor after could
It was then that we played
To the rhythm of the day
And the sway of the night
Letting our fears allay
For a short time at least
When we felt calm
In the hand of God
Without the need for a psalm
To keep sleep at bay
In order
That we might say
Just a few words
Into the dark
That held as much love
As we felt in our heart

So let the rose petals lay
In the quiet solitude
Brought on by May
When we can let ourselves
Rest in sweet assurance
That we will once again
Awake the morning hence

Even when they tell us
That our love cannot withstand
Do not let your heart be pierced
By words whence spoken
The speaker does not understand
For we know the truth
That is the keeper of the key
To eternal life
And vitality

Do you see the rose petals
As they lay
In the lap of love
Now here forever today?