A/N: About a little child in a concentration camp and the hope that kept her alive. I don't know how those people lived through that, I can't imagine staying that strong. It awes me.

A Bird Named Freedom

On the wind
From a little bird I heard
Of a thing long forgotten
By my anguished soul.

Hours of torture
Days of hunger
Weeks of pain
Months of a lonely, aching heart
Will crush your soul
And harden your heart.

What he spoke of I shan't believe is true
Is it possible?
Does such a thing exist?
My mind refused to listen
But my heart was filled with hope
A smile now holds fast upon my face
Just in case the little bird's tale was true.

He spoke of things more beautiful
Than I could ever dream
For everything had been abandoned
For the want of food, rest, & reassurance
We had little hope of any such relief
In such a place as this.

The wind does not stay long,
As you know
Soon the little bird was gone,
Lost like the days gone by
And with him flew away
My hopes and dreams
Of that little thing he spoke of
That would make
All the difference in the world.

Sometimes in the night,
When hunger pains my stomach
And my muscles are weary with exertion
A smile spreads across my face,
All pain and suffering forgotten
At the thought of that little bird,
That came upon the passing wind,
Whose name was Freedom.