There it stood before me, holding itself straight and enduring the test of time. It stood like a beacon against the droll, cloudy sky, made of what appeared to be a variant of white marble. The surface was weathered and worn with age, scratches and grooves marring what should have been a netherworldly beauty. Its body was slim and clothed in a flowing robe, draped about its figure that caused dramatic folds to form. The hem dragged along the base where sprigs of ivy clung to life, struggling to make a living amongst the harsh conditions.

One thing that caught my eye were its wings, hunched over its head and curving in towards its feet, the longest pinions crossing over each other. I desired to reach out and touch them, for the feathers were realistic beyond belief, and I wanted to confirm what my imagination could not. Every vane and marking of the feathers were paid attention to by the artist who had carved this unnatural creature, breathing life into what must have been an ordinary block of stone.

The wings paled in comparison to the face, that of a cherub, its pulchritudinous features amazing me. Strands of curly hair crowned its head, held in check by a band of twisting wisteria. Above curving, luscious lips and prominently set cheeks and nose were a pair of heavily lashed eyes, gazing out at the world with an unconcerned air. Its brow was cast in a permanent frown, giving me the sense that it was unhappy.

Why would a wonderful creature like this, surely created by a follower of God, be malcontent? The emotion upon its face matched that within my heart, an expression that scowled upon the unloving earth that we graced with our presence.

Perhaps, in some odd way, it reflected what I felt. I did not enjoy this world, for it had always been cruel to me. The people were harsh, the environment and animals cared only about letting the fittest survive; I was nothing to them. Supposedly, neither was this angel, being stranded out in the middle of nowhere with only the wind and sky to keep it company.

But now I was here, the only one that understood it. This being was alone in the world, tied to the earth when it had wings. It should've been free in the sky, resting amongst the clouds and enjoying the attendance of its kind. For some reason, it was not residing in heaven where it should be.

Was this angel cast away by God and put here on earth to live out its miserable days in solitude? Was it like me, seeking love in a place that gave none? It needed a different life, a chance to prove itself once again that it was worthy to be one of God's children, to attain its dreams of affection from others.

It needed the same chance I did, for I, too, must have been tossed to the ground in frustration by my creator. I was a misshapen human being, wrought with emotions that boiled eternally in my blood. No one showed me a scrap of respect, no signs of decency or love. I had been alone as long as I could remember.

Sighing, I stepped up to the angel, nestling myself in between its wings with my arms about its slender body. I yearned to be free of this society, to escape into the sky and never be seen again. This angel, this solitary being was the only one that I could share my feelings with, even if it was a statue. It seemed to understand what I was going through, and a peculiar warmth flowed into my veins, lulling me into a more calmed state.

Still I battled with my mind over why this creature was here, digging down to the true irony. It was tied to the earth, just like I was, yet it had wings. A stone angel that was meant to fly but never could. Just like me.

The wind tore into my body as I embraced the sculpture, ignoring the droplets of rain that began to beat down upon me. I did not care anymore, for I had found the only one on this planet that I had a tie with.

Now we were one being, an entity that would be forgotten as time stretched into eternity. We were a soul that had wings but could not take flight and be free. The earth had claimed us, keeping us from breaking loose and going where we wished.

Our thoughts did not matter, though. No one cared about us.

…And that is why we will never fly.