The dark surroundings chill you to the bone. Looking around, unable to see anything in the
fading light, you can feel your heart beating fiercely in your chest. You know that somewhere out
there the creature lurks, just waiting for you to make a mistake.

Dragging your fingers along the wall, you pay the slimy residue no mind as you listen intently for
what you fear may be lurking behind you. The forbidden scrape of dirt, the muddled sound of a
harsh voice fills your senses. He's coming.

Picking up your pace, you glance back over your shoulder to see nothing out of the ordinary.
Your heart skips a beat as a gentle breeze blows through the darkness, caressing your skin with
the utmost care. You know for a fact that you can't escape your destiny.

Suddenly, you stop. All things halting in the blink of an eye as you feel the coolness of death
before you. Many things you have known over the span of time and yet, you couldn't foresee
your own destruction. What would happen to you now? Was this your final end? Were you to
be abandoned to life itself in the hopes of carrying on in the afterlife?

Within seconds, you drop to your knees, huddling close to your warmth as the darkness descends
upon you. Not sure what would come of this last fight for freedom, you feel the ground shift
beneath you and your feet meet nothing. Falling swiftly through the an opening, you peer up,
your hair flying around your face to see the briefest of outline, the smallest hint of evil staring
down at you with the most wicked smile you could possibly imagine.

Hitting the ground with a thud, your body aches as you try to get to your feet. The wind knocked
out of you, your breathing comes hard, pulling yourself together as you try desperately to find a
way out. You need to escape, you need to get away from the certain death that follows every
move you make.

A gentle laugh fills your ears and you search the darkness. Feeling as though your world is soon
to end, you take a step forward only to feel a touch on your shoulder. Spinning around, you see
nothing, yet you can sense evil lurking not far away. Your first instinct is to run; hide from what
searches to take control, and yet you're paralyzed with fear.

"When will you learn?" a voice whispers, a certain deliberate tone lacing the words. A subtle chill
settles around you without warning.

"Wha-?" you begin, rubbing your hands up and down your arms.

"Shhhh....." the voice whispers as a gentle touch finds your cheek.

Jerking away, your eyes wide with fear, you're instantly on your feet, backing away toward the
wall. In an instant your feet leave the ground without warning as you're tossed like a rag doll
toward the wall. Hitting it harshly with your back, you catch your breath briefly before being
lifted up again.

"What do you want?!" you scream, your voice echoing through the chamber.

"Don't you know?" the soft voice asks, a flickering hint of evil sinking into your senses.

You know now that death is calling and you have nothing to give but your life. If it be the will of
existence, you shall die today and you only hope that fate will be merciful and make it a swift end.
As your body aches, trying to get to your feet one last time, you feel the light of heaven
descending upon you, warming you with it's brilliance.

"Not yet precious," the voice calls, pulling you from the warmth of the afterlife back into the
horrid shock of reality. As you realize that evil has yet to let you pass on, that he's toying with
you, you feel as though you want to cry. Your body burns and aches from the recent abrasions
you've suffered.

"Why don't you just kill me?!" you scream, pleading for death, wanting it to come all to quickly
to wipe away the pain.

"I don't want to kill you just yet," the voice purrs softly, a hand clasping down hard on your
shoulder. "I want to wrangle every ounce of pain I can from you. I want you to feel the despair I
felt so many years ago..." the voice trails off.

"I don't understand," you whisper, your breathing coming in gasps of fear. As suddenly as flower
withers from heat, your shoulder burns excruciatingly. Pulsating heat tears through your upper
body as though a hand is trying to push it's way through your skin and into existence. Screaming
in agony, your will is broken, your body bends to be melded into a new form; a shape worthy of
evil itself.

Bloody fingers emerge, reaching up to the dark sky, wanting the grimness of it's surrounding to
bathe it in exquisite glory. The birth of darkness is now at hand, and you lie there unable to stop
it from happening. The agony ripping through your limbs tears at your senses, causing you the
greatest pain imaginable.

Abruptly the tearing sensation ends and you wearily open your eyes to see a man standing before
you. A wicked grin lighting his features, he kneels at your side, looking you over and smiling.
Reaching out slender fingers, he touches your shoulder gingerly, as though he wants to help.
Only an instant later he squeezes it with all his might, sneering at your face as you cry out in pain.

Moving in close, his breath falls hot across your ear. "You'll be my first conquest," he whispers,
laughing haughtily at the expression that fills your eyes before wrapping your hair around his

In an instant he takes you, ripping you inside and out with his lust ridden hatred. Pumping you
harshly, he can think of nothing more pleasurable than inflicting pain and suffering. Your
moaning falls on his ears, part pain, part pleasure, and he can't stop himself from enjoying the
moment. You've given him your life, your soul, your essence and now he takes your last breath
as his own, swallowing your life within a moment's bliss.

As suddenly as it had begun, it ends. The circle is now complete. Your life's glow finally fading
into oblivion, not carrying on for the torment of the harsh cruelties that surrounded you. Your
last breath falls gallantly as your body gives in to the end, letting the warmth of death take over
and show you on to your next life, hoping it better than this one.