Okay. This is a poem/poetry that I wrote one day.

Family's Luck

Oh, Brother Bill!
Fell down a hill!
What happened to him?
Broke a limb

Oh, Sister Lock!
Tripped on a rock!
She ask, "What have I?"
I replied, "A big, black eye!"

Oh, Brother Matt!
Got bit by a cat!
Cried like a baby
And soon got rabies

Oh, Sister Leil!
Electrocuted by an eel!
Does she look fair?
I say she's got big, fat hair!

Oh, Brother Mitch!
Cursed by a witch!
Drowned in a lake
Then burned at the stake

Well, well! My family's luck!
Seriously sucks!
So what am I doing today?
Leaving right away!


Hehe... well... um... okay! ^_^