Pt. 2!!! If anybody even read this far.... ^_^


Three days, five weeks
That's how long it's been
I miss you so much
Even if it was your own sin

It's harder to forgive
No matter what I do
I wish it was easier
For me and for you

Before you were persistent
Before you kept going
But I would just ignore you
These fast days just keep flowing

Today you walked up to me
You tried to explain
You told me you didn't do it
Everything you said was so plain

You told me you two were close
Best friends since babies
Should I forgive you?
I shrugged and said maybe

You said since you met me
There was something you saw
You said I looked special
I stood up straight and tall

"You had a look in your eyes.
You were a beautiful star."
Then then took my hands
And I fell apart

The world started to spin
I fell into your embrace
You hugged me softly
Everything started to break

You were the one
I was looking for you
You were my soulmate
And I was yours too

So now I know why
You're always on my mind
I realize the truth
I should have seen the signs

I looked up to your face
You gave me a smile
So you had found the key again
It sure took you quite a while

Your head moved down
A feeling that I'll never miss
My head moved up
And in came the kiss


Okay. I'm done. Thanks for reading for those who even read this far. ^_^