I get scared and run away,
But you still stay.
Why do you care?
I'm never there
For you at all.
I let you fall,
I let you free.
But you don't see
That not you're not wanted.
My life is haunted;
Don't take part,
Or I'll break your heart.
I try to flee,
But I can't leave.
I don't want to hurt you,
But there's nothing left to do.
Just leave this place,
I can't stand your face.
We just can't be,
I'm an ignominy
To you and this world.
But I'm just a girl,
Just like any other.
We weren't meant for eachother;
Don't believe that lie.
I just want to fly,
To be alone,
Sleeping in my home.
You don't want me,
So please just leave.