Notes: This poem reflected what I was feeling when I was at a very low point in my life. There might be some typos or other grammatical errors so please forgive me for them. Also please don't flame me for ANYTHING! This is not an expertly written poem which I slaved over for months. It was written on the moment I felt it. Also I wrote this poem myself so please don't claim it as your own and please don't post it on your website or any other place that's public.


Like the Black Hole in space,
the dark, compression of it,
is stuck right in the middle of my heart.

It crushes every happy memory
that happens to pass through it.
It hurts me heavily to think of this.

Yet I never seem to cry.... I wonder why?
But I seem to think that if I do,
this darkness will take over.

But as everyday passes by,
the darkness is releasing me and
the light overcomes me.

I see more people and my friends and family
console me in an unnatural way
that I only happen to notice.

Someday the darkness will be gone
and this pure light I feel will shine
within and without. Someday.....