A/N:Another of my Holocaust poems because that event intrigues me due to the hope those people portrayed in the face of impossible odds.

Inferno of Love 1/26/01

Imagine waking up
And not knowing where you are
Not recognizing anyone at all
Save for the malignant faces of
People unbeknownst to you
You look at them
And they stare right back
Menacing and fearsome
Though some are scared too

Who could possess the need
For such cruelty and greed
That they'll sacrifice lives
For a dream?

A dream that is really no such thing
For the outlook is a nightmare
To those on the wrong side
Of the awful scheme

Who has the power
To strip the innocent of freedom
And make the guilty right?

But condemn him we must not
For he cannot know
What blind men see
Nor the sounds that deaf men hear
He is ignorant to
The pangs of an anguished heart
Because he himself
Has never been there
But this is through no fault by him
So no punishment shall follow

What is right?
What is fair?
How shall we treat
Him who causes suffering
To any in his way
But knows no joy inside
Of himself?

Look into your heart
And there you will find
The true beauty that lies within us all:
The strength and love
To forgive this lonely man