Love is the Only Way 1/26/01

Would you take a moment
To listen to the wind
Whispering in your ear
Secrets for no one else to hear?
You alone can know
What makes you happy

I can't put a smile on your face
But maybe if we leave this place
We'll find somewhere
Where they know
To live the truth in life
That love is the only way

Listen to your soul
The wind says to your ear
For you'll be shown
The way to love
If you only take the time
To care

But easier said than done
Is a treacherous
Path to take
Though you'll find out
That love is the only way

Live for this moment
Only this life
You can create
What you have
But not what you want

If we only learned
A little patience
If we took the time
We'd all realize
That there's no time
But now
No place but here
Love is the only way