Let Us Be 2/21/01

Gone like yesterday's sunset
That we can still remember if we try
But if we banish the fading glory of it
Then we are only left to cry
Stuck in the past as we mourn the future
Let us not be caught up in the tide
Forever kept alone and unsure
And never stopping to enjoy the ride

Here we go now
Past the flowers, through the rain
Never recognizing joy
Only feeling the pain
So do we sit back
And watch our lives fly by us
Only noticing what we lack?

In a world full of tears,
Why not be a smile?
Easing people's fears
And your spirits rising all the while

So let us be lights
In this world of shadows
That others might fly like kites
Into the sky without sorrows
Lofty as a cloud
We will drift away
Where there is nothing to shroud
The sunlight of this day
That is forever ours
Here and now to live
For he who cowers
Does not know how to give

But if you know how to love
Then no other choice is there to be
And you can rise above
What the cowards cannot see
For it's hard to believe
The wonders love can do
And the sorrows it can relieve
Until you feel it inside of you