A/N:This is my take on life when I am feeling thoughtful and nostalgic about mistakes I've made and the meaning of life.

Remember 5/21/01

Sit and watch the cars
Wondering where they come from
And to what destination
They will arrive at
Meanwhile I sit here
Though somewhere far away
In my mind

Sometimes it would be nice
To travel to far away lands
Where no one knows
Where I came from
Or remembers the mistakes
I'd rather forget

Then I could return
To appreciate even more
The familiar faces
Of friends and foes
For I often neglect
To acknowledge
Those who have touched me
Even when they did not
Realize they had done so

Everyone should take a journey
If only in their mind
That upon their return
Would show them the true meaning
Of friends and companionship

To reap the benefits
Of recalling our common origin
And destination
With every human on this Earth
Would show us the way
To eternal happiness
In the light of Love
If only we so choose
To embark on the quest
Of the Soul
To remembering Itself