The Cottage Cheese Adventure

"All right! Who ate the last of the cottage cheese?"

If there was one thing Lucy hated, it was being out of cottage cheese. It was not as if she actually ate it, she just had a deep conviction that her household should not be without cottage cheese. And now some incosiderate fool had gone and polished it all off.

Lucy sighed. It seemed that her mother had not bought cottage cheese when grocery shopping yesterday, and refused to go out again.

"Lucy-dear, the world isn't going to end because we ran out of cottage cheese," she said wearily. "Why don't you go outside and play?"

Angry, Lucy stormed up to her room and locked her door. How could her mother be so cruel? They had to have cottage cheese! She did not know why, she just knew they did. What if the President stopped by for a visit and asked for some cottage cheese? What would happen when they had none to offer? Lucy couldn't let this happen, but what could she do? She was one lone ten year old.

As she sat on her bed fuming, Lucy banged her feet against the side of her bed in a fierce repetative pattern. With one especially fierce kick her piggy bank gave an admonishing rattle from its place on her nightstand.

Lucy sat up quickly. That was it! She would march down to the corner store and buy some cottage cheese herself. Counting her money carefully, Lucy discovered she had one dollar and fifty-six cents. That would be plenty. Putting the money in her pocket, she strode briskly down the stairs and into the living room where her mom sat watching The Hay in Our Eyes, or something like that.

Upon informing her mother of her plans, her mother's eyes widened immensely. "You are going to walk to the corner store and spend your allowance on cottage cheese?" she said incredulously.

"Someone has to," Lucy said stubbornly.

Her mother shook her head. "If you say so, dear. Just be home in time for lunch."

Opening the door, Lucy gasped in shock. It was a sweltering 72 degrees outside, and she began to consider turning back. Setting her jaw firmly, Lucy stepped outside, closing the door behind the door behind her. Wiping a hand across her brow, Lucy started down the sidewalk. May was a horrid month, in Lucy's opinion, and her distaste grew even stronger as she truged the seven endless yards to the corner store. By the time she reached store, Lucy was nearly faint from thist, and was beginning to see mirages. Pushing against the store door, Lucy was horrified to find it refused to move. She pushed with all her might, but it would not budge. She was beginning to get frightened, when she saw a small sign that said, "Pull." Figuring it was worth a try, Lucy grasped the door handle and pulled. The door opened easily, and Lucy stepped through into sweet, refreshing air conditioning. The man behind the counter smiled.

"May I help you?" he asked cheerfully.

"I need cottage cheese," Lucy managed to gasp.

The-man-behind-the-counter looked at her oddly. "Wouldn't you rather have some nice candy?" he asked bemusedly.

Lucy shook her head. "No, I have to get some cottage cheese right away," she said firmly, having succesfully regained her breath after her long journey.

The-man-behind-the-counter shrugged and went to the back of the store. He returned shortly with a small container of cottage cheese. Ringing it up, he cheerfully told her it would be a dollar sixty-two. Reaching into her pocket, Lucy pulled out her money and placed it on the counter. The-man-behind-the-counter looked at her money, then shook his head sadly.

"I'm afraid you're six cents short," he said dismally.

Lucy frowned. Six cents! She had not come through all this to lose by a mere six cents! She had to have that cottage cheese! How could she return home without it? She would be disowned! Seeing her dismay, the-man-behind-the-counter smiled kindly and reached into his pocket.

"Well would you look at that," he said cheerily. "I have six cents right here! I guess this belongs to you then," he said, handing the cottage cheese to Lucy in a small bag. "Take care!"

Lucy gave a happy cry. She had it! She had the cottage cheese! Thanking the-man-behind-the-counter graciously, she ran outside, not seeming to notice the heat. She ran all the way home, burst through the door, and headed straight for the kitchen. Opening the refridgerator, Lucy gently, reverently, placed the cottage cheese upon the middle shelf. Finally, it was over, the war was won, and there was cottage cheese in her house again. Feeling quite proud of herself, Lucy went into the living room to watch cartoons.

The End

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