Hello all! This is a challenge! It is free and I don't want to get into any trouble in any way shape or form…this is just a challenge. I'd like to know what people can do with this. Below, it the intro to a story, my challenge is to finish it..this HAS to be the introduction. Nothing can be changed "except for spelling errors). I will actually pick a winner and post it as a review of the winners story. I will give this review on August 1st/ Thank you so much for everything! And I hope you have fun! Once again, nobody will make any money off of this, its just for fun and I apologize if I am doing this wrong. I'm new here! Thank you so much!
If you decide to take part in this, I request that you e-mail and tell me. You don't have to and you will still be part of it either way, it would judt make things a little easier! Thank you!!!

He sat on the beach crying, tears cascading gently off of his ashen face. The dark sky only seemed to fit his mood, the harsh wind causing wave after wave to crash almost artistically off the rocks. The rain steadily starting to fall harder until it was pouring furiously around him. Eyes closed, head bent, the rain soaking his slight, shaking frame. The sobs racked him, the cold within his heart so much worse than the cold within his body.
"Please…" His voice was shaking, a raspy whimper, "please, make it stop hurting." He said to the sea, the only thing that had seen his tears.
He curled himself into a ball, pulling his knees to his chest, tucking them securely under his chin. Rocking feebly back and forth. The pain in his chest increasing as the storm raged on. The clouds seemed to share his pain, twisting as if in their own turmoil, the sky crying with him.