Pour the ink from the paper back into the pen
Take back the words I've said
I want to live my time again
My story's not ready to be read.

I've turned some blind eyes in my time
to things that should ne'er be allowed
I've done some things which, tho no crime,
I certainly am not proud.

I've hurt so many people who
only ever wished good for me.
I've fired poison darts with aim so true
against people who couldn't see.

But although I've spent a lot of life
being miserably sad
if I had never gone thru the strife
then the good times I'd never have had.

And I guess what I'm asking from you tonight
is not really a chance to change
I just want to get to relive my life
keeping every detail the same.

But there's no way to turn back time
or make it slow or stop.
Hourglass sands weren't made to climb,
they flow to the base from the top.

The ink can't flow back to the pen
and words can't be unsaid;
but I can live my time again
as my memories dance in my head.

Yes I can have my time once more,
relive all those days of old.
I can watch as the hourglass sands do pour
each time one of my tales is retold.

So snub not the old ones sitting there
reminiscing about their youth.
When enough sand has flown, you'll be in that chair
trying to relive an old truth.