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They think that I'm a snob

Because I refuse to mix in with the mob.

They think I've got a head of hay

Because I go my own way.

And so they say:

"Don't you know what you're missing?"

They hang around boozing and dissing

People who won't play their game,

People who are not the same

As they are.

They think I'm cold

Because I keep my distance.

Do I, for instance,

want to have my health sold

To smoke, drugs and drink

Just in order to find the link

To what they call joy?

Madness, I won't be your toy!

They think my life is boring.

I send my mind soaring

In the world of imagination;

The source of creation

For my stories.

They think I'm dull

Because I'm locked in a hull

Of thoughtful silence.

You people are the key to decadence!

You kneel to false friends,

You kiss stained hands,

You worship bars and discos,

You shake off your woes

With the aid of illusions

Bordering on hallucinations;

And that's what I think.