Divine Wind (Kamikaze)
How Japanese Kamikaze pilots made the ultimate
sacrifice for their nation and their honour
during the second world war, please R/R.
A divine wind blows in a war we have begun,
Red ribbon flutters under the Rising Sun,
Eyes burning with the flames of our past,
For our nation and honour we fight to the last.

A divine wind; the spring blossom takes flight,
A swirling mass where lost pink blossoms fight,
Taking to the skies are those honourable petals,
The strength imbued in the shimmering metals.

A divine wind supports our sunlit wings,
An empire, a past, honour forever sings,
Against that pleasant ocean of blue,
The children of the empire fight for true.

A divine wind, a final forlorn sweeping blow,
The ground approaches swifty; targets grow,
In the final moments before my honoured demise,
I brandish my invisible sword, now reprised.

A divine wind carries me towards my end,
A honoured soul, from the heavens descends,
The tumbling blossom, an immortal servant,
Of the divine wind and empire, tubulent.

By James Womack