My name is a mystery,
Yet still very young.
I have dreams,
But none are pretty real.

I'm a dreamer,
I dream the impossible.
I'm a dreamer,
Ready to wake up.

I dream of other planets,

I am a dreamer,
Dreaming away.
I am a dreamer,
I don't want to stay.
I am a dreamer,
Please, help me escape!
I am a dreamer,
Dreaming my life away.

Someone help me!
Help me awake!

I am a dreamer.
When will I wake up?
This is 4th in the series of "self discovery" poems. This was done on a
wimp, it was really supposed to end happy. Unfortunately, seeing as I when
I wrote this I was no longer optimistic about life, it ended badly. It was
written about the fact that I daydream about just about anything.
Sometimes I get so caught up in my dreams, I feel that's all I do, dream,
hence the poem!