Title: Minority of One

Title: Minority of One

Author: Radical Chic

A/N: Ok....I finally got a poem written after my 8 month writer's block and everyone leaves the rage board. So....in desperate search of feedback, I posted it here. I know this isn't a very good poem, but I hope this is just the beginning. I would really appreciate feedback!

A minority of one,

Standing alone, under the sun.

No one to guide me, but myself,

No one to take me off this shelf.

The shelf that contains the inner me,

The rage against conformity.

Alone I am but a minority of one,

More are needed if we are to shun,

The presses of society,

To become such animosity,

Of clones with no inner light,

We must give the gift of sight,

To see what needs to be seen,

Not the veiled, silver screen,

That has been pulled across our eyes,

Such a curtain of deceit and lies,

Must not be let to stay,

For we must live to a new day.

But that day will never come,

And they will have truly won.

If we do not spread the word,

We will live the life of the caged bird.