A Time Of No Goodbyes

Deticated to my best freind Michal Dillon Glover . I wish the times of are freindship we could live again , And to Shannon Marie Baxter our keystone .

I wish again for no goodbyes,
I cry silently good lies ,
I say goodbye, and wish for a time of no goodbyes .

I watch you smile , I watch you wave , I watch you cry , As you leave.

A time of no goodbyes so far away , atime of fun and games , time is ran its course , its on the end of its spool for it is only a never-ending thread .

Love never won over hate , We whisper our goodbyes to you , goodbye dear freind , Now I only have Michal .

Time and time again you remind me we will always be best freinds , Time and time again I remind you about our plans , To live in Australia in a apartment for three You , Krista , and me .

Time runs out as I watch you leave , Before your birthday I see , But what about me , I'm I supposed to sit and watch you leave , or make new friends , Should I let you run the course of your greedy life from behind your back .

Do you leave for your Grandmother dear , Or for your greedy soul , Time to whisper the goodbyes we promised we would never say , Time to wait for another day .

Do you leave because of teasing or for your Grandmother's deathbed , All we know is that you are leaving and we will miss you so .

Time to see the approching day , time to watch your family drift slowly away , For you are their keystone and they your arch , Without them you will also drift slowly away to the edges of time where you never say goodbye .

Goodbye Shannon ( Our Keystone ) .