Played With Fire of Love

I've played with emotions,

tangoed with love,

broken the bond between friends,

all in the name of love...

At first we were friends,

lost in the crowd of names and thoughts,

those of whom were higher then we,

But some how I wanted us to be more...

How could I denied those feelings?

How couldn't tell you,

I liked you,

At first you were sweet,

Kind and understanding,

on our first date,

sorry I was late,

I didn't mean to turn my back on you...

We've been together for 3 years now,

happy and non regretful,

about me nearly kill my emotions,

But some how I knew you weren't happy with me,

then on that fateful night,

at the party you told,

me you were going away from me...

We kept in touch,

via phone and email,

you told me you were being stalked,

but in fact you were seeing someone else...

a few days later,

you tell me the truth,

you had been seeing someone while you were with me...

You had played me,

you cheated on my damned soul,

to me it seems as if the world has forsaken me,

the lost anguished teem,

the boy with a broken heart,

I am alone in this uncaring hell of a planet,

acting cold to my friends,

afraid of making friends now,

scared of letting others too close to me...

I've played with the fire of my love and got burned,

scorched so bad I am now crippled in my mind,

I don't know what the hell is going on now,

and I don't give it the pleasure of finding out what,

cause I got burned and that's what happened...