A/N: Just a sort of down time in my life. Once again, my affinity for rain shows through. I also took the words from the Oracle in The Matrix to heart, "By the time you're finished (with the cookie), I promise, you'll feel right as rain."

Right as Rain 3/01

Hear the rain
As it hits the window pane
Not feeling too good
Today everything's mundane

But the rain reminds me
Better days will come
The rain will wash away our sorrow
And the sun will shine again

The time will come
When things are changed
And once more our lives are rearranged
Nothing's new but the whole world
Has shifted
The dark clouds of night have lifted
To reveal the blue sky once more

My vision is not too clear
But there is clarity
In my new perception of the world
Lacking fear of the mysterious
And unknown

In time the world will become sane
And sooner or later things will be
Right as rain