A/N: I frequently find myself cursing the inadequecy of feeble words that can never express all that I want to say. Sometimes, though, words are not needed.

The Power of Silence 6/6/01

Engaging in deep conversation
That requires no spoken words
For the true meaning to be exchanged
Between two people
Closer than friends and
Stronger than enemies
This communication needs no sound
Leaving the peaceful silence
Ever still as the night sky
Shining brightly with the luminescence
Of ten thousand stars
All of them reflected in your eyes

Just one look
The steady meeting of eyes
Is enough to send a message
Of Love to melt the heart
And Joy to crack a smile
When times are grim
And cheer is hard to find
The eyes of a friend
Shine with sunlight
Even on the cloudiest day

A simple touch
Merely a kind embrace
Can be all that is needed
To make things seem
A little less bleak

All it takes is a kind look,
A generous smile,
And a warm touch
To sooth a troubled friend

Lifting spirits
Doesn't require a sound
Because words only confuse
And complicate
The perfect and
Divinely simple