By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are certain types of fear,
That had certainly been made clear.
And yet,
There are--to some extant--
Other types of fear.

Case in point:fear might come in a gown--
As in a wedding gown--
Which was supposed to be worn
By a Miss Linda Thorn,
Who had suddenly felt something wrong with the gown.

"I'm afraid of this gown.",Linda had told her mother.
"I want to wear another."
However,Mrs. Thorn had sensed
That Linda was only speaking in nonsense.
As for the gown,there was never to be another.

As Linda was about to put on the vale,
She still shudders at the gown's tale,
Which had began
With an engaged man,
Who had bought for his bride-to-be a gown with a long vale.

Finally,they were all ready for the one day--
Their wedding day.
However,as the groom
Had walked down the aisle,there had came a sudden gloom
That was to indeed ruin their special day.

The father had ran to the bride's changing room
And was shocked for the reason of the gloom.
His poor little angel has been raped
By a large humanoid ape,
Whose mocking laughter had filled the entire room.

It had finally stopped,just after the groom
Had stormed into the room
And with a blade at the ape's heart,he had stabbed.
And then,three times more--he had stabbed
Until the brutish ape had laid dead within the room.

Their wedding day
Was supposed to be a happy day.
But instead,it had became that of despair
And beyond repair.
So,they both had commited lover's suicide the next day.

That was the story that had caused a yellow line
To be ran down poor Linda's spine,
For the ghost of the former bride
Might take Linda's body for a ride--
All the way down a different line.

She had screamed as she flew out of the window
And landed hard on one of the limosines below.
Everyone else had made a dash
Outside--right after they had heard the crash--
And suddenly,the mood had gone from glad to low.

"Linda was right!",
Her mother said--after she had seen the shocking sight.
"And I didn't listen to her!
There was no answer for such a plight.