Chapter Twelve – Airus, the new Eden

            Dag shielded his eyes as he stepped onto the outer hull of the Luck Dragon as it set on the wide launching field, looking at the glimmer of the ocean beyond.

            He had never been to Airus, but from all accounts, it sounded like a type of paradise for the people escaping the GPF and other nasty types.

            "Why did she bring us here?" he asked himself, looking all around the launching field.

            Below Dag, the ramp lowered and Yuki drove out on a motorcycle, his baby, he called it, a XR-4000, a new model of hover cycle, guaranteed three hundred kilometers at top speed.  Dag shook he head as Yuki sped off in the direction of the sea.

            Deep in the ship Dag could hear Michele welding again, and he wondered then what would be done with Kanna Grace.

                                                            *    *    *

            "Tell me, old man.  What did you see that made you call those two men back?" Kanna asked sitting in Dag's consol gazing over at the old bent man across from her.

            The old man smiled, revealing old rotten teeth.

            "Crest of a syndicate.  We don't do deals with syndicates, just as a general rule."

            Kanna sighed and leaned back in the consol seat.

            "Which syndicate?"

            "You don't know?"

            "Should I?"

            The old man sighed, studying the consol screen, studying the information he had leeched from the frigate.

            "You honestly had no idea who wanted you?"

            "Of course not.  I was only warned about you."

            The old man turned his black eyes to Kanna.

            "Who warned you?" he asked almost in a whisper.

            Kanna leaned forward, meeting Gramps' eyes.

            "I don't know that either.  I tried tracing the call I received, but they did not want to be traced."

            Gramps sighed again and leaned back in his seat as well.

            "I feel like we've been caught up in something, something that we don't want to be caught up in…" he grumbled.

            Kanna smirked.  "I have been thinking so too.  But tell me old man, what do you plan to do with me?"

            Gramps chuckled and turned his black eyes to Kanna again.

            "Do with you?  What can we do?  There is no reason to hold you any longer.  We have our money and that's all that matters."

            Kanna seemed to frown.  "You realize the danger you're in, don't you?"

            "Of course.  But I'd rather had a little danger in my life than not having my life at all.  I owe you some thanks for that.  No one has that kind of quick thinking and finger action like you do on this ship.  We would probably have gotten off with a damaged ship and maybe our lives if it hadn't been for you."

            Kanna smirked.

            "But don't get me wrong.  That's not saying you're welcome here.  It would be better if you left and disappeared somewhere."

            Kanna smiled, "You should do the same, old man.  You're bounty hunting days are numbered."

            Gramps sighed and smiled sadly.  "You're right.  I was hoping that these pleasant days would last at least until I was ready to die…  But I suppose it was inevitable.  That's the risk a bounty hunter must take.  Fate, it is…"

            Kanna sighed and stood.

            "Take care, old man.  Enjoy your three million."

            With that Kanna left the bridge, gathering up her belongings and heading for the cargo bay.

            Gramps sighed again, looking down at the consol monitor, the picture of a black lion's head crest flashing on the screen.

            "I feel like I've been sucked into a tidy little mystery…" he whispered.

                                                            *    *    *

            Kanna walked down the ramp onto the paved ground of the landing field.  The sun was beating down on her shoulders and she walked away from the Luck Dragon.  She did not look back, or wanted to for that.  She was free.

            She had taken a thousand pa-longs from Yuki's coat pocket that he had left behind and stuffed into her bag.  She was set.  She could go wherever she wanted and be anyone she wanted to.  But still, her mind nagged her.  Life would be far more difficult from then on.

                                                            *    *    *

            Yuki threw back one more shot as he settled into kissing Arin, his waitress friend working at a bar on Airus.  She was a tanned beauty, long blond hair, sea foam green eyes, and huge breasts…

            "Yuki, I thought you were never going to come back…" the woman cried as he kissed her neck and untied the bikini top at her back.

            The sun had set across the sea and the twin moons of Airus were rising in unison.  Yuki could not ask for a better night.  The air was warm, the breeze carried the scent of exotic flowers, the beach laid beyond the open doors of the bungalow, and a beautiful woman was begging for him to love her.

            "Oh, Yuki," Arin whispered as he kissed her breast, teasing her nipples with his tongue.

            He laid back on the bed, looking out at the moons rising as Arin went down on him, making all kinds of lusty sounds and teasing him with her tongue.

            Yuki supposed Kanna Grace was gone by then.  He almost felt sad that she was gone, he wanted to taste her as well.  Talk to her maybe, caress her hair once more.

            "Mmm, Yuki…" Arin whispered as she began satisfying herself as she licked and kissed Yuki.

            Yuki felt somewhat bored then.  Arin was a wonderful lover, but he still couldn't stop thinking about the woman with the mercury for eyes.  Instead he focused on the beach, watching the tide come in and go out.

            "Yuki…" Arin whispered heatedly as she straddled him and settled herself over his member.

            He groaned as she took him in.  His eyes flickered from the blond woman to the beach again.  On the beach there was a figure walking by, in the surf, hands folded in front, hair whipping in the wind.


            He watched the figure as the moonlight fell over it's face.

            His eyes widened, it was Kanna.

            "YUKI!" Arin screamed as she came, digging her fingernails into his shoulders.

            Yuki groaned again, not only from the intense feeling he felt in the pit of his stomach, but also because Arin's screaming his name made Kanna turn and look up at the bungalow a bit up from the beach.

            "Shit…" he muttered as Arin quit moving and fell upon him, panting.

            Kanna seemed to narrow her eyes and turn away, walking further down the beach.

            Yuki groaned, moving his eyes from the beach to the ceiling of the bungalow.  He was so close to coming and Arin was still in the throes of orgasm that he began moving beneath her.

            Something seemed just plain wrong, in Yuki's mind.  Kanna had seen him.  Why should he feel ashamed?  It was just the bitch that almost killed him and the rest of the crew of the Luck Dragon.  And now she was free, and out of his hair.  So why should he give a damn that she had seen him fucking some woman?

            He didn't give a damn at all.  He rolled Arin over, making her go to her hands and knees as he rose up behind her.  The dance began, with every thrust, Kanna Grace slipped from Yuki's mind.  With every grunt and groan, Kanna Grace became a distant memory.

            "Oh God…" Yuki muttered as he thrust faster and faster into the unsuspecting blonde, tanned Arin.

            And as he came, the picture of Kanna's silver eyes disappeared. 

                                                            *    *    *

            Kanna kept walking slowly down the beach, her boots in her hand, her bare feet enjoying the cool feel surf on her feet.

            That bastard was screwing some girl right near the beach, and she saw it.

            She wanted to puke.  As if she really wanted to see something like that.

            Sex.  It was something that seemed so alien and so boring to Kanna for so long.  She still had never had sex, or even really kissed anyone before.  But she didn't really care.  She wondered for some time if the injuries she had sustained in crashing on Balk had somehow damaged her reproductive organs and destroyed her sex drive.  It didn't really matter to her, she was more concerned about regaining her memory than having a relationship with anyone.

            But still, when she saw that woman on top of that Yuki person, Kanna felt something flicker inside her chest.  She wondered if she were jealous of him, or that woman she had seen.  She wondered if it were her sexual prowess awakening.  But as soon as she walked far away, the flicker was gone and she felt empty.

            "What are you thinking about, Kanna?  You're free now!  You don't have to see that guy's face ever again!" she said aloud as she walked faster down the beach.

            A whole line of resorts and bungalows lined the beach, and Kanna began to think about finding a place to sleep for the night.  Her mind was on overload.  She had seen too much in one day and she was tired.

            Kanna sighed and began walking up from the surf to the lights of a hotel.  She could sleep and then figure out what to do in the morning.  So much had happened in such a short time, it was no wonder she was tired, she thought to herself as she walked around to the front of the hotel, slipping her boots on again.

            "Full sized bed and bath, here I come."