My Holocaust Story

One tear. Then another. Soon the tears were streaming down my fourteen years old face. I waited. We all waited to arrive at the most feared concentration camp. Aushwitz. We waited stuffed in this small boxcar only big enough for fifteen people. We all welcomed and feared our own deaths. The death that would free us of the torment and horror that awaited us at Aushwitz.

I see people crying. Mostly women and children. I cried just as hard as them or maybe even harder. For only I knew our destination. That dreaded camp. Where we would die eventually. We could die a horrid death. One that is quick and painless. I only know this because my family died at the hands of the Nazis running this camp.

I could feel the heart beat of the girl in front of me. She was about the same age as me. I tried to console her, which didn't work. Then she cried out, "We are all going to die!" I had to restrain her by holding her down and clamping my hand over her mouth. I did this in fear that all of us would die. She eventually quieted down. Although my own fearful thoughts interrupted. I thought, Am I going to die? What will happen to me if I survive? At that point I could not tell you. I could not even tell myself.

We finally came to a complete stop. After several minuets SS guards came and told us wear to go. I followed the other women to a separate part of the camp. We stripped down to our undergarments and then interviewed. I was next. I tasted the salt from my tears and the fear. Not just my own fear, but also the others fear.

Before I entered the office I quickly turned around. I ran. I Ran as far as my legs would take me. I was outside when I heard only one gun shot.