My Holocaust Story

The Story of One girl

One tear. Then another. Soon the tears were streaming down my seventeen-year-old face. I waited. We all waited to arrive at the most feared concentration camp. Auschwitz. We waited stuffed and crowded in this small boxcar only big enough for fifteen people. From the smell of the boxcar it was either old blood from other people or cows were once transported in it. It didn't matter though. It would all be over soon. We all welcomed and feared our own deaths. The death that would free us of the torment and horror that awaited us at Auschwitz.

You are probably wondering how I know this train's destination is, aren't you? Well, it's kind of a long story. If you want to call a week long…But seeing how I have nothing better to do right now but sit cramped in this smelly boxcar, I'll tell it to you.

It all stated about a week ago when SS guards came to our town. The SS guards beat down the doors of one Jewish family after the other. One by one every Jewish man, women and child was dragged from his or her happy home. Children were screaming for their parents and mothers for their children. It was to horrible to watch from my hiding spot behind an old wooden fence that separated the street from the station.

My parents predicted that this would happen. They had a gut feeling the German's were coming to our town. They feared I would be killed or that I would be used for the SS guard's pleasure. My Father built a tiny room to hide in under the floor. I thought it was going to be for my whole family. How wrong I was... They later informed me when the room was finished that it was just for me. I was an only child. Only me… those words echoed in my head for hours on end.

The whole time my parents were being dragged away I cried. I couldn't…No, didn't want to believe that this was happening to my family. As they were dragged away guards taunted them about going to Auschwitz. Auschwitz…Rumors of this place were heard here and there. Nothing you could use for a solid explanation. The only thing that I heard of this place was that it was awful. It's rumored to be worse than hell it self. Right then I didn't know whether to believe that or not.

I waited till I was sure they wouldn't find me to follow them. I just had to know where they were taking my parents. In my subconscience I already knew. They and others from our town were all headed to that dread camp. Never would I hear from my family or friends. I prayed for them as I followed.

From my home I followed the guards who held my parents captive to the old train station. I traveled in the shadows and close to buildings. I watched as they herded all those people into the tiny boxcar like I am in now. Stuffed to the max with people and then some. It was cruel and unbearable to watch. So I ran. I ran as far as my legs would carry me.

I ran to the next town to find refuge with a compassionate Christian family. I found none that would hide or even help me. I had to be careful. Very careful otherwise I would be caught. That is something I did not want to happen. I did not want my parent's effort to save me go to waste. No, I knew then that I had to do everything in my power to be and stay free.

I did this for a week. I traveled only at night and slept in small, secluded place for two or three hours during the day. I was still in shock. My parents were gone. All that I ever knew and loved is now destroyed. I somehow knew that I would soon join them.

Finally at the end of the week I was caught. A recent Christian house I visited and asked for help at turned me in. their son pretended to help me and led me right to SS guards. Well they took me faster than you could blink. So that brings us up to this point now. Lots of people and I, all headed to Auschwitz.

I could see people crying all around me throughout the boxcar. Mostly women and children. I cried just as hard as them or maybe even harder. For only I knew our destination. That dreaded camp. Where we would all die eventually. We could die a horrid death. Or one that is quick and painless. I only know this because my family died at the hands of the Nazis running this camp. I guess the rumors are true.

I could feel the heart beat of the girl in front of me. She was about the same age or younger than me. I tried to console her, which didn't work. Then in an outburst of fear she cried out, "We are all going to die!" I had to restrain her by holding her down and clamping my hand over her mouth. I did this in fear that all of us would die. Even if I knew I was going to I wasn't ready then.

She eventually quieted down. Although, my own fearful thoughts interrupted as I held her. I thought, 'Am I going to die? What will happen to me if I survive?' At that point I could not tell you. I could not even tell myself. Knowing and, yet, not knowing if I was going to die or not left me with no comfort. I couldn't even comfort the crying girl in my arms.

We finally came to a complete stop. After several minuets SS guards came and told us were to go. I followed the other women to a separate part of the camp. Probably where they will beat and rape us all. Guards watch attentively as we began to undress. Maybe they think that we're even to low for rape. We stripped down as far as our undergarments and then were interviewed. I heard them asking other women about if they were whores, if they were married to any bastard, their age, and if they bore any disgusting, impure children.

I was next. I was scared beyond anything in the world. I didn't know what to do or what would happen. I could taste the salt from my tears and the fear. Not just my own fear, but also the others fear.

Before I entered the office I quickly turned around. I ran. I ran as far as my legs would take me. This seemed to be something that I was good at. I was outside when I heard only one gun shot.