A/N: This delves into my beliefs about life and its purpose which (I believe) is to re-member Who We Are. Like it or not, it's just my thoughts.

Tell Me What You See 7/6/01

Look at me and tell me what you see
Is it a picture of strength and independence?
It's so hard to feel like that
When the world seems to be
Spinning endlessly without
Obvious purpose or direction

You can exude confidence
While being scared as all hell
It's not that hard on the outside
But to conquer the internal fleet
Of mocking emotions and scornful thoughts
Takes something greater than human will power

So sit quietly without a second thought
Once you are on this path you cannot turn back
But will you really want to?

The requirements are simple
Yet simplicity
Can be deceiving
Concerning the amount
Of work, energy, and devotion required

True, the task is daunting
But more intimidating are the possibilities
Of living on Earth
Without any knowledge of Heaven
To thrive off of and look forward to

So be joyous
Without so much as one thought
For what the others may perceive
To be your purpose and intentions
In this life you lead

What do they know?
The outside observers
With their noses pressed
Against the glass of love
Peering in with only a hope
To catch a glimpse
Of what we know
To be true
To be Who We Are

For there is no conceivable way
That we can be anything other
Than that which we are
And that which we are not

These things that we are
They are the One,
The immovable mover,
The unchangeable changer,
The all and the nothing,
We are
The eternal I Am

And for infinity shall we be