Between The Earth And Sky
Deticated to the New Prospect Elementry School And the *th grade graduating class . In other words home sweet home .

The bond we had shared has gone now , Between the Earth and Sky , Wizards spells and wonders wells up from inside .

Time to leave the magic world of child hood , To go to a better place called life , I cry the name , I cry for the goddess of the earth to sweep me away to a magic place called home .

Home sweet home they say , but it is not so sweet to me , Time after time I see so many people pass through time and the time after time , Time to me is never ending , But is a battle that is never lost , Except in death .

Oh what a wonders day it would be when time finally will be true to me , I cry the tears you made me cry , I wish for you again
and the hope of a brand new day .

I wish I could live it again , The time I spent there in a place between the sky and the earth called home .