The Psycho Subconscious
By Pie

When your mind is invaded
By mice of all sizes
Let it be known
There'll be lots of surprises!

Your hands start to shake
And your nose starts to run
The inhuman screaming
Starts all the fun!

You'll eat all your pets
And lock up your friends
Tickle them for five days
Then try at amends!

The soldiers will get you
Throw you off of a plane
You'll find yourself landing
On a great lion's mane!

The evil cat council
Will have you recite
A gazillion and two speeches
With the lights shining bright!

Your clothes will desert you
And leave you all bare
Attempting to hide
Underneath your long hair!

You scream and you shout
As the water comes in
A quick glance behind you
Shows a blue plastic fin!

The plumbers will come
To drain off the flood
You gasp for some air
And fall with a thud!

The huge teddy bear
With a knife in his back
Throws a stick at your head
And it all turns to black!

The evil sunshine
Pours through your quilt seam
As you gasp in relief
It was all just a dream!

A/N: Dedicated to Catherine and Violet, my dear friend and her scary subconscious who gave me the somewhat basis for my title. (-;

A/A/N (another author's note): This was written at 3-4 AM and I am not to be held responsable for anything that pops out of my brain during that time. Blame my subconscious.