As I go along
Try to make myself seem strong
Want to make it seem like it's all right
As I try to help
Constantly I try to tell
What you're always feeling deep inside

I'm being left behind
I can't keep the pace that's set
So I drift away
Into another day
Each day the challenges are met

Try to help you out
While inside you scream and shout
You want to get rid of all this pain
I pull you with me
I try hard to set you free
Right now, I feel empty, I've been drained

I've been left behind
I wonder if there's anyone
To keep me here alive

You must be stronger to survive
When things are twisted 'round
When I need to feel alive
Things can't keep going down

I can't fall behind, no not again
I won't fall behind, it's not the end

Slowly slip away
Just to pull back the next day
Hide the fact that I can hurt like you
The next day you find
The facade I use to hide
The part of me that no one sees is true