(Hey hey, everyone. This is a story that I wrote, using characters and a world of my own design, for an RP that I was GMing. Yes, Fyona is homosexual. And, yes, there is a chance of F/F sex later on. And, NO, it will NOT be sleazy. If you're reading this to see hot, dirty, sloppy sex, then please, go away. You'll get none of that here. If you're looking for a good read, then, by all means, continue. And, please, leave reviews! ^_^)


Fyona sat on the back of the carriage, humming a song softly to herself, a loaf of bread in her hands. She was happy, for the first time in ages. She was happy about everything - About going on a trip, about being with her parents for once, and about just being a child. She couldn't really act her age much, back home, in the Mystran forests. Too much talk of responsibility to have fun.
She looked over to her mother, a blonde elf of just under thirty, with a large bust, and a swollen stomach, showing that she was in the later stages of a pregnancy. Sitting next to her was her husband, who was ten years older than his wife. He, however, was not the father of Fyona. Fyona didn't have a father. She was a Mystran elf, a miracle in it's own right - Yet, her parents hardly treated her like the miracle she was.
Her parents were members of the Slandra clan - Elite mages, who were tied by blood to the first magic-users to ever walk the continent. And, every chance they got, it seemed, they reminded Fyona of her place. They reminded her that she was not a member of the Slandra clan, and that she wasn't even an elf. She was the bastard child of some god who didn't even care enough about her to keep her.
Fyona hated that. But, today, you could hardly of been able to tell, because, Fyona, was happy. She smiled as she looked at the ground passing under the wagon, her blonde hair hanging loosely about her shoulders. Her sky-blue eyes darted ahead, and she saw that they were coming up on the tunnel to the city of Technica. It was a long trip, but, it was the only safe way to get from one side of Haven to the other - A war was going on, and non-humans were considered the enemy in this place.
She sighed as she thought of the war. It had been raging across the planet Allijah for around two hundred years now, noone really gaining any ground. When the sub-humans declared neutrality, they were permitted access into Haven again, but the humans there still hated them, and many an elf or half-god had been seen hanging from the trees in the forests.
Fyona shook her head, and tried to cheer up. She was going to a girl's school in Technica, where she would be educated on magic and technology. She had always dreamed of going to Technica, and of seeing the sights there. She wanted to see the motorcars and the hovercrafts and the computers and lasers. She loved science, and she loved magic, and that, was what Technica ran on.
So, when they entered the cave, and she suddenly got a bad feeling, she put her thoughts aside, and dismissed them merely as paranoia, and nothing more. Why would there be any danger in this place? It was used as safe passage for hundreds of people every single day. It was well-lit, and there was others in the tunnel with them, so if they were in trouble, help would come quickly enough. And, they even had guards with them! Powerful, spear-wielding, experienced warriors. Some of the best in the world.
She was naive, though. She never quite realized that some men weren't honest, and that others were downright evil... One moment, she was singing happily to herself, next, she was on the cave ground, water covering her face... But it wasn't water... It was thicker... And it was red. She didn't realize for a while that it was really blood. She looked around, and saw, dead on the ground in front of her, her mother's husband. A few feet away, her mother was being raped by two of the guardsmen they had hired.
The next thing she knew the guards were finished with her mother, and came at her, disgusting looks on their faces. Their pants were to their knees, and their privates exposed... It was obvious they only had two things on their minds; Raping her, and killing her.
But, from her right came a bright flash, a bolt of lightning flying down the hallway. The two men that stood in front of her were gone now, nothing left but a pile of ash and some tattered clothes. From down the hall rushed a group of black-armored elves, with pale skin, huge longswords in their hands. They spoke in something that resembled Mystran, and, when they looked at her, they barked a command.
She couldn't understand it well, but, it sounded somewhat like, "Follow us". She was too scared to think, and too scared to not listen, so, she got up, and followed them, as they asked... Little did she know, it would make the next five years of her life a living hell...