(NOTE: This is a bunch of kiddy crap, I did write it at the age of eleven after all. Do not flame me for uploading this, I uploaded it out of boredom whilst I was struggling with ideas for the other four fics I'm writing.)

Janie Clarks and Annie Chan
Never were the best of mates.
But one fateful day it was time
To block the school gates.

Janie swore at Annie.
Annie swore back.
They spent the next hour hurling insults,
'Till Annie recieved a WHACK.

Annie picked herself up from the floor
And called Janie a "cow".
As soon as these words rolled off her tongue,
Up jumped Janie and KER-POW!

They struggled on the floor,
Wrestling to and fro
Some cheered them on:
"Weh hey, women on the go!"

They screamed in each other's ears,
They pulled each other's hair,
They spat in each other's faces,
Until Annie went spare.

Up she went and left,
Janie finally had won!
But wait.... Annie reappeared,
Carrying.... a double barrelled shotgun.

Janie turned pale and panicked,
She ran far, far away.
Then turned up again,
With a sackful of grenades.

Things were turning nasty,
'Till Annie slipped on some mud
Then, off went the gun....

Annie had blown Janie's head off!
The entire crowd fell silent.
Then they shouted "Killer!!"
And turned terribly violent.

They wrung her by the neck,
They smashed her in the head
It was then they really knew it
Poor Annie was dead.

The teachers went beserk
"You violent little marsupials!"
Now, a new form of entertainment:
Teachers versus pupils.

There were cries and shrieks of pain,
The battle lasted days.
The floor was awash with blood
It would put you in a daze.

On and on the battle went,
Days, weeks, months, years.
They didn't eat, they didn't sleep
And it all ended in tears.

Suddenly, there was silence: the teachers were the victors.
With last grunts of aggression,
The headmaster sneered, glanced around, before announcing to the dead and dying....

NOTE: No pupils or teachers were harmed during the making of this pathetic piece of writing.