Absorbing other people's pain
Taking it on, it is my own
Oh, it's real, the way I feel
The things we go through are the same
I can look into your eyes
And I can see through all the lies
That everybody throws at you
Each person has a breaking point
A limit to the hurt
The line is crossed and I can see
The true measure of worth

Inside you
There's so many things
Screaming to be free
Behind you
The past is gone
It's just a memory
Beside you
I am right here
Seeing what you want to be
Ahead of you
So much potential
To look and see your destiny

Empathetic, so I stand
Soaking all the pain I can
What I do, it's all for you
I reach out with a broken hand
Out to people crushed and torn
Wishing they could be reborn
I can feel the same things you do
Change what I'm accustomed to
My anger grows each time you cry
And even though I'm one with you
I still have to wonder why


My rage extends as far
As the pain that my friends feel
And no one has the right to take
The feelings they're entitled to
They've lived through all the torment
They've triumphed through the pain
And no one can take that from them
I won't let them be hurt again

My pain is yours, your pain is mine
I know that things really aren't fine
I see the fear, I see the lies
What is inside you I realize
It's more than I could comprehend
If I didn't know you inside out
Remember that it's not the end
All you have to do is shout

All you have to do is let it out

Your soul is bleeding into me
I feel the cold of hatred in it
All these things that people do
You have to wonder where you fit
And while you try to find yourself
People use you along the way
Remember you're not by yourself
I'm here with you, I'll always stay

Your soul is bleeding into me
Empathy, empathy