Deticated to Michal Dillon Glover . Freindship has never been as great as this .

You're my Hero , A hero of all time , A hero is what you are , You saved me , You made me live , You saved me , You taught me how to Sing , Draw , and most of all love .

Time always had a thing for love , But for a song it never had , We swore freindship forever and always under the bright sun , On a day of beauty you taught me to draw , On the phone late at night you taught me how to sing , You shall always be teaching me to love and not wear a stone cold stare on my face all through the day .

I owe it all to you and your freindship , When I fought and lost you helped me believe again , When I cried you were my freind , When I faced betrayal you never turned your back on me , Even at high noon you never hurt me , You never abanded me even at midnight , We were always friends without knowing it , Even when we were three attending the same daycare , It just took us ten years to relize it .

Time always has affects on people , But not you , You rise and fall like at high tide and low tide , But unlike tides you can not keep on going forever , But you can make a big diffrence .