Working Holiday
Even though they had done a show,a show-biz
family still enjoy the 4th of July.
by:Andrew Troy Keller

Content Rated: PG
Type: Static Item: Poetry
Genre(s): Sci-fi, Drama, Holiday

It had all began on July Fourth--
Aboard the spacestation Oliver North.
We were a show-biz family--
Doing two--maybe three shows daily.
And of course,we always sally forth.

I,George McSham,
Was always a song and dance man.
Until I've had to marry
A nice girl named Rachel Drewberry--
Creating the team of Mr. and Mrs. McSham.

A few years later,
We've had added new members to the roster.
Our sons,who were Jason and Ray,
And our daughter,who was named May.
Our dog,Turbo had completed our roster.

Our shuttle,the Enora Gray
Had docked aboard the Oliver North.
And then,we had gone forth
To our quarters--by the auto-tram way.

"Hey,Daddy.",said a concerned May.
"Will we see the fireworks anyway--
I mean if the show runs long?"
Then,I said,"Don't worry.It won't run long.
We'll see those fireworks,May."

Then,at the start of the show,
Rachel and I had done a dance that was slow.
However,after Turbo and the boys had done a bit,
It was May's turn to do a bit.
But,she had gotten cold feet during the show.

Then,in order to help May,
Rachel had gone on with May,
And asked,"May,would you like to sing a song?"
"No,because it'll take to long!"
,answered a big-mouthed May.

"Why would you say that,May?"
,Asked Rachel in a confusing way.
"Because,it's too much work
And I want to see the fireworks!"
,Answered an excited May.

Then,the commander,Lawton McCrage
Had walked on to the stage
And said,"Well then,I should hereby say
That we should never disappoint May."
And then,he had gave the page.

Then suddenly,a huge pannel had opened
And the middle of the audiance had also opened,
In order to the one stage
To another type of stage.
After that,May's eyes had widely opened.

That was one of the perks--
On any space station we work,
That no matter how long
The show had run long,
We could still see the fireworks.